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EduFocal secures strategic partnership with Design Privacy

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Partners to deliver innovative data protection e-learning content

Durrant Pate/Contributor

Local e-learning platform provider EduFocal Limited has secured a strategic partnership with Design Privacy Limited, a local provider of data privacy consultancy services.

The two companies have entered into an exclusive teaming agreement to collaborate on the creation and delivery of a groundbreaking ‘Foundation Data Protection Course’ and related e-learning content. The partnership combines Design Privacy’s expert knowledge in data privacy laws and regulations with EduFocal’s expertise in e-learning content development and platform management.

The collaboration aims to bring high-quality, relevant, and engaging data protection courses to the Jamaican market, specifically medium-sized and large organisations to better understand and comply with data protection laws and best practices.

Details of Terms of Agreement

Under the terms of the Agreement, Design Privacy will be responsible for developing the course content, providing expert guidance on data privacy laws, and participating in the marketing and promotion of the courses.

EduFocal, on the other hand, will be responsible for developing the e-learning content, providing the e-learning platform for course delivery, managing technical aspects of course delivery, marketing and promoting the courses, and distributing the e-learning content.

Gordon Swaby, founder of EduFocal.

Both companies look forward to a successful partnership that will ultimately enhance the data protection landscape in Jamaica, providing accessible and comprehensive educational resources to individuals and organisations alike.

EduFocal Limited is a pioneering e-learning platform provider, dedicated to revolutionising the way people learn by providing innovative and engaging digital learning experiences. The company’s cutting-edge platform is designed to deliver high-quality educational content in an accessible and user-friendly format, empowering learners to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Design Privacy Limited is a Jamaica-based consultancy firm specialising in data privacy laws and regulations. It offers expert guidance and support to clients navigating the complex landscape of data protection compliance, helping them to safeguard their customers’ sensitive information and build trust in their brand.


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