JAM | Mar 24, 2023

Electronic issuance of traffic ticket warrants on the horizon

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Justice Minister Delroy Chuck. (Photo: JIS)

Within a matter of weeks, the Government will be moving towards the electronic issuance of warrants to motorists who have failed to pay their outstanding traffic tickets.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, speaking at today’s (March 24) commissioning service for 65 justices of the peace in Clarendon, said that the transition is being taken to curb indiscipline on the Jamaican roads.

“In a matter of weeks, some warrants will be issued and those who had tickets. If they fail to pay a lot of these tickets will now be issued as electronic warrants… . It means that it will be electronically issued and when a policeman stop a motorist, the police can easily go on the website and see if there is a warrant out for that motorist. And once he downloads it on his phone, he’s serving it,” the minister explained.

He added that the police will no longer be required to print out the warrant. Once it is shown to the motorist electronically, then an arrest can be made on the spot.

He noted that, each year, 70 per cent of the courts’ proceedings are dedicated to traffic tickets, which has resulted in a strain on the courts.

The police have also gathered hundreds of thousands in paper warrants to be served to indisciplined drivers and the transition to the electronic issuing of the warrants will help to significantly reduce the country’s use of paper.

“We are begging motorists, don’t get tickets. The Government’s priority is not to collect money from motorists, the Government’s priority is for law and order on the road,” he stressed.

The minister also urged motorists that, in the event that they do receive a ticket, they pay it electronically and on time to avoid going to court.

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