JM | Nov 2, 2020

‘Energised’ Mark Golding blitzes campaign trail across Jamaica

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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Heavy rains over the weekend couldn’t keep the #GoWithGolding team off the campaign trail. Here, Golding speaks to delegates in South West St Andrew about his plans for the future of the People’s National Party (PNP). (Photo: Facebook @MarkJGolding)

In the last week of campaigning ahead of the Saturday internal polls, People’s National Party (PNP) presidential candidate Mark Golding continues to meet with delegates across Jamaica, in his bid to become the organisation’s next leader.

Faced with inclement weather over the weekend, an energised Golding still toured several constituencies in St Andrew, Clarendon, St Catherine and Manchester.

Alongside campaign manager Angela Brown Burke and key surrogates, Golding, 55, despite an encouraging Don Anderson poll on Sunday (November 1) is leaving nothing to chance.

In a statement on Monday, the #GoWithGolding team expressed confidence that the results of their poll reflected the growing appeal of the PNP presidential aspirant.

“With just under a week to go to the presidential elections of
the People’s National Party, the Golding Team is content that their commissioned Don Anderson poll is a true reflection of the will of the delegates,” the statement began.

According to the #GoWithGolding team, its swelling optimism for victory is based on the demography and sample size that was taken, as well as the scientific precision and track record of the pollster.

Former Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, Richard Azan, is among several high-profile PNP surrgates backing Mark Golding for leader. (Photo: Facebook @MarkJGolding)

“We believe in honest and full representation of the will of the people, therefore we placed no stipulation on the pollster, ensuring that any Jamaican, no matter age, gender or political persuasion could be polled. This way we are confident that we wouldn’t fool ourselves, and can confidently rely on the results,” Brown Burke indicated.

“The Golding Campaign maintains that popularity must be substantiated with performance when choosing the best candidate to be the leader of the party. The Don Anderson Poll shows that, in just one month, Mark Golding has eclipsed his opponent’s popularity and if we were to poll on performance, the delegates and the nation know he is comfortably ahead,” Brown-Burke added.

Golding, Member of Parliament for South St Andrew, goes up against South East St Ann MP Lisa Hanna on Saturday, November 7.


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