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Enjoying Appleton Estate’s ultra-premium rums at Jamaica Rum Festival

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Three-step approach outlined

Durrant Pate/Contributor

This weekend’s Jamaica Rum Festival in the island’s tourism mecca of Montego Bay in St James, presents an ideal opportunity for rum lovers to properly enjoy Appleton Estate’s ultra-premium rums the connoisseur way.

It’s guarantee that the sipping experience of Jamaica’s finest rums, particularly premium rums, will rival that of any fine scotch or cognac. Appleton is advising whiskey lovers to prepare to be converted to the world of Jamaican Rum!

Whether the choice is the exceptionally smooth, mellow and full-bodied flavour profiles of or a meticulously complex and nuanced profile, Appleton promises spirit lovers and rum connoisseurs will not be disappointed. When it comes on to aged rums, the complex flavours are best enjoyed neat or over ice, in a snifter to truly unlock the aromas of these aged rums.

After pouring into a snifter, give the rum a few seconds to aerate. To truly appreciate fine, aged rum, the senses of sight, smell and taste must be engaged.

Appleton has given us a step-by-step approach to enjoying premium rums:

Step 1: Assess the colour

The first step is to assess the colour and clarity of the rum. After aerating, the snifter should be held towards the light to observe the rum’s colour. Aged rums become darker the longer they age ranging from golden hues to coppery and tawny in appearance.

Aged rums also have brilliance, being clear and sparkly and one should be able to see through them, an indication that the rums have been properly processed. Rums that have been aged for a long period of time will have a green ring where the liquid meets the glass.

Called the “green ring of ageing” it is a result of the tannins in the rum reflecting the light. The more aged the rum is, the more pronounced this ring will be.

Just like wine, rums can be classified as light, medium or full-bodied. To evaluate the body of the rum, lean the glass slightly and return it to an upright position.

When observing, thick syrupy ‘legs’ will move slowly down the sides of the glass, indicating the rich full-bodied quality of the rum.

Step 2: The ‘nose test’

Smell or ‘noseing’ is also key to assessing and tasting rums. Go for the natural aromas of the rum by simply inhaling, exhaling, putting the snifter to the nose and inhaling. Now, swirl the glass, releasing the spirit and nose again. The rum should reveal the aromas that give way to exquisite flavour profiles.

Step 3: The Finish

Now it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for… take a sip of rum and note the smooth, mellow and complex flavours. Note also the sensation left in the mouth after the rum has been swallowed – this is the finish. Continue to sip and enjoy.

The Jamaica Rum Festival will be held on Saturday (June 25) at the Aqueduct, Rose Hall, Montego Bay.


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