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Entrepreneur Chevaun Walsh’s Aromatique Distributors: More than Fragrance

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

Chavaun Walsh

Aromatique Distributors co-founder Chevaun Walsh, who established his brain child in June of this year, always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew he would create his very own business.

Despite knowing he wanted to become a businessman, the young entrepreneur told Our Today that his main setback was finding a product to bring to the market.

“What was really my set back, was finding a product to sell, you know. I didn’t know what to sell.”

But leaning into his love for perfumes/colognes, more specifically perfume/cologne oils, Walsh finally recognised the product he could tap into for his business and officially began his journey as an entrepreneur.

A part-time employee, part-time student and full-time businessman, he noted that pursuing his studies in Accounting also helped to steer him in the direction of entrepreneurship.

Transferring his knowledge from his studies, he is able to do business essentials such as final accounting and bank reconciliation.

“Having my business and studying accounting, as it relates to doing the financial statements of business, that is me practising what I have learned in class… . I bring over those practices in my business… . Although it is small business I put what I have learned in class into my business and (from that) I keep track of my money,” Walsh explained.

Catering to one’s fragrance, the company buys its product directly from distributors, selling uncut products to customers.

“We buy and sell perfume oils, so all our perfume oils are 100 per cent uncut perfume oils and they are purchased from their respective designers,” the entrepreneur explained, adding that products come in from as far away as France.

Although in its infant stages, the entrepreneur describes the support he has been receiving so far as “good”. Initially, he sold products to close friends, family and coworkers, but with some friendly and helpful advice to boost his business, the entrepreneur created an Instagram account which led to an increase in orders.

“One day a co-worker said to me, why is my page not on Instagram? I decided to start an Instagram page, and from that I have been getting a lot of orders you know, whether within Kingston or in the other parishes. I have been getting orders from even overseas. So the support is good.”

He went on to describe the platform as a great marketing strategy.

Securing any opportunity he gets to market his business, the ‘walkfoot’, as he described himself, will engage passengers in conversation about his business and the products offered.

Although satisfied with the performance of his company so far, Walsh highlighted two things he would have done differently. Firstly, he expressed the desire to create the business much sooner than he actually did.

“I would have started a business like years ago if I had this knowledge. All I would do is just start, you know, that’s all you have to do enuh, just do what you want to do.” In addition to this, the Aromatique Distributors co-owner shared his want to introduce the company’s spray bottles in the initial stages of his business.

Priding itself on the customer’s hygiene, the young entrepreneur stressed that customers should not need to get a loan in order to smell good. He said part of his vision for the company’s future included expansion plans currently in the works.

“As it relates to the future of my business, I see Aromatique Distributors expanding. And when I say expanding I mean for there to be a physical store. That is in the pipeline as we speak.”

For all things fragrance, you can contact Aromatique Distributors via:

Instagram – @aromatique.ja

Facebook – @Aromatique Distributors


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