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ESIROM cops two silver awards at the 2022 American Advertising Awards

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ESIROM Limited, a leading digital marketing agency in Jamaica, has won two silver awards at the 2022 American Advertising Awards for their outstanding creative executions. The awards, which recognize creative excellence in advertising, received more than 552 entries from 34 companies across six island nations in the Caribbean.

The Agency’s first silver win was for their Christmas Campaign for Supligen, a beloved Jamaican beverage brand targeting young adults aged 18-24. The campaign aimed to position Supligen as a versatile mixer, and it featured a unique cocktail recipe that incorporated all of Supligen’s delicious flavours. The campaign achieved over 100,000 views across all platforms in just two weeks and helped the Supligen YouTube channel hit a milestone of 1,000,000 views.

ESIROM’s second silver win was for their production reel, a recap of highlights for them in 2022. The reel showcases all of the production work the company produced in the year 2022, featuring over 50 clients across Jamaica, the Caribbean, and internationally.

Esirom Production Reel (2022)

Amanda McMorris, Jr. Social Media Manager at ESIROM Limited, expressed her pride in the team’s hard work and dedication in creating the award-winning campaign. She added that the judges were impressed with the caliber of the creative and the strong talent performances.

Alex Morrissey, Director of ESIROM, shared his excitement at the agency’s continued growth and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital media. He added that winning awards is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the work achieved before moving on to new and exciting projects.

“I feel proud of the body of work that we were able to produce for clients and it represents our continued growth both locally and regionally,” he added.

Other top Caribbean winners included one other Jamaican agency, an agency from Puerto Rico, and Trinidad & Tobago rounding off wins from the Caribbean at large.

The 2022 American Advertising Awards Caribbean competition was one of the largest competitions in the US and Caribbean, with a 3-tier awards process. The judges for the competition were chosen for their expertise and leadership in multiple advertising creative concentrations and overall creative direction. The competition demonstrated the creativity and vibrancy of Caribbean culture and the talent and ambition of its peers.


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