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Excitement ‘bubbling’ for Looga Man-fuelled remix on Sean Paul track

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The long-awaited musical reunion of iconic Dutty Cup Crew members Looga Man and Sean Paul has come to fruition, as the Jamaicans are back on local airwaves on the remix for Buss A Bubble

The single, the first-listed track on Sean Paul’s dancehall-themed Live N Livin album, features Looga Man, Chi Ching Ching, Sotto Bless and Ras Ajai. 

In an exclusive interview with Our Today, Looga Man said that as one of the few surviving members of the underground ’90s dancehall crew, Sean Paul, whose career went on a meteoric rise, has stuck with him over the years. 

Explaining his on-again, off-again stint as an artiste, the deejay, born Ayun Daley is still eager to carve out a personal piece of the dancehall pie. 

“The excitement level and exuberance is very much there. I’m supposed to be doing an album under his Dutty Rock label, so it’s a very great vibe and energy and opportunity right now. The limit is the sky and further,” he began.

“It’s been a cool road; has its ups and downs. I’ve been able to travel the world and back but still looking for greener pastures, still hunting,” he told Our Today.

In his words, on hearing the instrumental for Buss A Bubble at Dutty Rock studios in St Andrew, Looga Man is hoping that Sean Paul’s ‘Midas touch’ with remixes rubs off on the heavy-hitting single.

“Sean was like basically ‘this song has a great energy and I think it has the potential to go even further and I want to do a remix’. So, immediately, in my head I started freestyling lyrics that would go with it and it came out really good!” he explained.

“It’s the first track on Live N Livin and I’m anticipating great things. I feel we bring diversity to the song and some different elements to it. Once you do that, things are bound to be more interesting and I’m sure he’s wishing the same thing as well,” Daley said.

The 2021 track is not the first time the two have teamed up, as Looga Man indicated that right at the moment Sean Paul got his big mainstream break, he was actively involved in the whole process. 

“His first album that did pretty well, Stage One, I was featured on the album twice. Dutty Rock he basically did that more on his own and I was doing my solo thing; every now and then we would collaborate. I’m also featured on the Trinity album with [Kid] Kurupt and his brother Jigzag,” he told Our Today.

Shying away from the title of ‘veteran’ and instead opting for ‘artiste with experience’, Looga Man, son of Third World bass guitarist Richard ‘Bassie’ Daley, has long held the view that from as far back in his formative years he was very futuristic in his musical delivery. 

“From a child, I listened a wide variety of music and I feel that I put all those pieces together and make it my own: a little touch of hip-hop with soul and reggae and that basically explains Looga. That’s me,” Daley noted.

On the matter of the current dancehall scene, Daley is encouraged by the greater freedom afforded to musicians in the age of streaming. He stressed, however, that the genre could benefit from more diversification as often, artistes sound similar and don’t try enough to differentiate themselves. 

“I think it’s good artistes are able to express themselves; ideally that’s what every artiste wants. In a large way, I’m happy about that but there’s still only a few artistes streaming at the level where it needs to be. I notice a lot of the music, although it sounds very good, the artistes sound the same and that’s what bothers me more than anything else,” he said.

“I think we need a little more individuality and dancehall will be fine. I like what I’m hearing from a lot of these artistes but as I said, they just need to diversify and find their niche,” Looga Man added.

The expectant father further contended that like parenting, music is about adapting to the times. With decades under his belt and a fresh outlook from the younger talents, he is not opposed to working with Skillibeng, Koffee, Protoje and Popcaan. 

International pop superstars Rihanna and Damian Marley, with who he has a good relationship, as well as established acts Aidonia and Busy Signal are also on Looga Man’s collaborative radar, should the stars align.

At the end of the day, if the ‘success train’ were to chug right past him, Daley would be happy still doing music—his first and longest love.

“Honestly, music is like my healing; it’s the way I know to express myself best and it’s love, it’s unity. It represents a lot. Music is like my wife, almost. Sometimes I’m not even feeling her, but the love is still there,” he told Our Today. 

Buss A Bubble, released in March 2021, is due an official music video, production for which has wrapped and is being fine-tuned Looga Man said. 

The deejay is also urging fans to stay tuned for his upcoming EP and more upcoming singles. 


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