DOM | May 31, 2023

Experience Hospitality to launch second hotel in Dominican Republic

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Chad Williams CoFounder Experience Hospitality 

After success in the Caribbean hospitality industry, co-founder of Experience Hospitality Chad Williams officially breaks ground on his second project in the Dominican Republic, Deco.

Occupying an expansive 6000-square feet of prime real estate, Deco, is the hospitality conglomerate’s latest endeavour. Inspired by the predominant 1930s art style, Art Deco, the restaurant’s artistic theme is accompanied by bold geometric shapes and bright colours, offering a visual experience once you step through the doors.

Williams, in speaking about his chain of restaurants and where Deco now fits in noted, “… they all share a similar DNA. At its core, Experience Hospitality aims to elevate the hospitality experience in the Caribbean to a first world level, to offer experiences on par with that of Miami, New York and Los Angeles. While the decor may be different, Deco holds this value central to its upcoming operations as all our locations in the region do, whether here in the Dominican Republic or in our home country of Jamaica.”

The grand opening is expected to take place in September 2023.

The Deco menu and bar program are not quite yet finalised as the company seeks to ensure its diversity, quality and sheer uniqueness. However, Williams noted that customers can enjoy a selection of sushi, wagyu steaks, signature salads and much more.

He noted that this location is, “the kind of supper club fare that has been resurgent across the country in
the last few years.”

In 2022, Fusion Experience opened in the Spanish-speaking country with much anticipation. Over the next
few years, the organisation plans to open six more restaurants in the neighbouring nation.


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