JM | Nov 10, 2020

Face-to-face learning pilot gets under way

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With the sun out, face-to-face learning returned to some schools today, a day after heavy rains forced the postponement of the pilot programme in 17 schools across the island.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information said 16 of the 17 schools selected to participate in the pilot began classes Tuesday morning,

Yallahs High School will begin tomorrow due to flooding on the school compound.

The ministry said assessments and feedback from the schools indicate that locations are ready for classes and arrangements were in place to assist students, teachers and other staff in observing the public health protocols mandated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to mitigate possible spread of COVID-19.

The 17 schools selected to be a part of the ministry’s pilot programme are:

1. Yallahs High School, St Thomas

2. Steer Town Primary and Junior High School, St Ann

3. Somerton All-Age and Infant School, St James

4. Newcombe Valley Primary School, St Elizabeth

5. Morgan’s Forest Primary and Infant, Clarendon

6. Mile Gully Primary School, Manchester

7. Kemps Hill High School, Clarendon

8. Garlogie Primary and Junior High, Clarendon

9. Chatsworth Primary and Infant School, St James

10. Chantilly Primary School, Westmoreland

11. Bethlehem All Age and Infant School, St Elizabeth

12. Ballards Valley Primary School, St Elizabeth

13. Alston High School, Clarendon

14. Moore Town Primary & Junior High School, Portland

15. Chalky Hill All Age, St Ann

16. Devon Primary, Manchester and

17. Moneague Primary and Junior High, St Ann


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