JAM | May 3, 2023

Fake News! JUTC dismisses claims that the company’s electric bus broke down

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The Jamaica Urban Transit Comapy electric bus.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC) has sought to clarify claims that the company’s electric bus broke down yesterday (May 2).

The company said that it is aware of a video making its rounds on social media that claims the electric bus, the only one so far on the island broke down and has dismissed the recent claims as fake news.

“In actuality, the driver of the bus noticed an unfamiliar icon on the dashboard and promptly reported the issue. Our team instructed her to power off the vehicle for a few minutes before restarting it, which resolved the problem entirely, and the bus resumed operation as expected,” JUTC said in a statement on Wednesday (May 3).

The company is urging individuals to refrain from sharing misleading information, stating that: ‘such actions not only harm our reputation but also have the potential to cause unnecessary anxiety and confusion among the public.”

The electric bus is part of the Government’s pilot project to replace diesel buses with more environmentally friendly ones.


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