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FIFA boss announces 300% increase in Women’s World Cup prize money

Zemelyah Shaw

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Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA.

Gianni Infantino, after being re-elected FIFA president for another four years, has announced that football governing body is set to increase the prize money for this year’s Women’s World Cup to US$150 million and provide millions more to participating teams in preparation funds, vowing to equalise prize money with the men’s event by the time the next tournaments are played.

The increase, Infantino said, was 10 times more than when the tournament was played in 2015 and three times more than the previous edition in 2019.

The prize money for the Women’s World Cup, which is held every four years, had previously been set at US$30 million. This increase in prize money is a significant step forward for women’s soccer, and is expected to provide a boost to the sport at all levels. The increase to $150 million pales in comparison to the prize money for the Men’s World Cup, which now stands at US$440 million, nevertheless it is a step in the right direction.

This decision has been lauded by fans and players alike, who have long called for equal pay and recognition for women in sports.

The move comes as part of FIFA’s efforts to promote gender equality in soccer, which includes initiatives such as the establishment of a Women’s Football Division and the implementation of new regulations to ensure equal treatment of female players and coaches.

Infantino’s announcement has been met with widespread praise from players, fans, and advocates of women’s soccer. Many have hailed it as a historic moment for the sport, and a sign of the growing momentum towards gender equality in sports.

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