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Five Government Ministries leading Jamaica’s 2023 Labour Day activities

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Detailed and elaborate activities being planned

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The Government of Jamaica is undertaking a detailed and elaborate number of activities for Labour Day 2023, which will be commemorated next Tuesday, May 23.

Five Government Ministries have been drafted to execute the plan of activities, which also includes the commemoration of Workers’ Week, which kicked off last Monday, May 15 with the mounting of Workers’ Week display at the Ministry of Labour on North Street, Kingston. 

The five ministries are Labour and Social Security, Local Government and Rural Development, Agriculture and Fisheries, Economic Growth and Job Creation and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, under whose purview the National Labour Day Secretariat falls.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security will lead the programme of activities for Workers’ Week while the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has the important role of ensuring the participation of the Municipalities across the island in Labour Day 2023.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will be providing kits for Backyard Gardens and Green Houses in homes and schools while the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation has been tasked with identifying the location for and leading the National Tree Planting event on Labour Day with logistical support from the Jamaica Defence Force. 

Other Ministries being onboarded

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In addition to the five lead ministries, all other Ministers/Ministries are supporting the effort in specific areas with the Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Agency Heads, Municipalities, Members of Parliament, Councillors, Churches, Civil society and the Private Sector, leading the charge in their respective areas. 

Consideration has been given to the following: 

  • Ministry of Education – Tree planting and Greenhouses (gardens) in schools 
  • Ministry of Finance and Planning – Planting of trees at premises under its control 
  • Ministry of Science and Technology – Planting of trees at premises under its control 
  • Ministry of Health and Wellness – Planting of trees at hospitals and other health facilities 
  • Ministry of Tourism – planting of trees at hotels, attractions, etc. 
  • Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce – Planting of trees at premises under its control 
  • Ministry of Justice – Planting of trees at premises under its control (Court Houses, etc.) 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade – Planting trees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and encouraging foreign missions to plant trees on their various properties 
  • Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs – Planting of trees at premises under its control 
  • Ministry of National Security – Planting of trees at Police Stations 
  • Ministry of Transport and Mining – Planting of trees at premises under its control

Online registration of Labour Day Projects 

The Jamaica Information Service will again host the online registration of parish projects on their website, as well as collate and publish regular updates on project registration during Worker’s Week, prior to Labour Day. Online registration to participate in the National Labour Day Project (Tree Planting on Highway 2000) is also being hosted by JIS on its website. The link for registration is as follows:


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