| Mar 31, 2023

Five things to know about talent consultant Diana Morgan-Burgess

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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Talent consultant, Diana Morgan-Burgess (Photo: Instagram @burgessdiana)

The name Diana Morgan-Burgess is a name that is synonymous with determination, purpose and triumph.

Morgan-Burgess is a resilience mindset coach who has been empowering, not just her life but, the lives of many internationally and across the Caribbean since 2004.

She’s an accredited, trained and highly sought-after coach, having successfully helped to ignite and transition individuals and companies from obscurity to greatness.

Providing support for small to medium sized organisations, Morgan-Burgess has guided leaders and their teams in navigating through challenges– life or business related, talent management and shaping organisational cultures.

Speaker and mentor Diana Morgan- Burgess. (Photo: Instagram @burgessdiana)

She has worked with many reputable organisations, notably the Sygnus Group, National Outdoor Agency (NOA) and the JMMB Group in Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.

Her work has sparked tremendous results, leading her to develop programmes and structured guides for both businesses and individuals.

The journey to get to where she is now was not an easy one but with her mindset Morgan-Burgess knew she had to overcome her challenges by realising her dreams.

(Photo: Instagram @burgessdiana)

Here are five things you might not have known about talent consultant Diana Burgess.

She worked with AA

Diana has always had big dreams and has always found a way to achieve them.  Early in her career she became enthralled with the idea of working at American Airlines.

Her faith backed by her determination would eventually land her in the role of a passenger service representative with the company.

Much more with Diana

Morgan-Burgess is the founder and CEO of MuchMore Development. The company started in 2010 as an organisation focused on uncovering the strengths of individuals and businesses.

Today, MuchMore Development has expanded its focus to include the use of internationally known tools and theories as well as some tools designed by the company to customize solutions for individuals and organisations.


She’s a mentor

Over the years, Morgan-Burgess has been sharing her life’s experiences with her mentees.

She has been a dedicated mentor, helping and guiding a number of university students along life’s journey.

Burgess takes pride in helping youths support their personal development as well as achieving their goals.

 The ‘rebirth

The talent consultant was given a second chance at life when she successfully underwent open heart surgery.

In 2010 Burgess was diagnosed with a rare heart disorder after doctors found that her heart was different from 99.5 per cent of the general population.

Diana and her buddy Peppa. (Photo: Instagram @burgessdiana)

It was later discovered that she had swollen lungs and a huge hole in her heart. But it didn’t stop there, Morgan- Burgess was informed that, her vena cava was located on the left side of her heart instead of the right, and her pulmonary veins were twisted, resulting in the mixing of oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood.

It’s been over a decade and Morgan-Burgess is still grateful for her second chance at life.

Dog lover

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, well for Diana this statement is definitely true. She is a dog lover at heart!

Morgan-Burgess has always been a fan of puppies and has cared for a number of pups making them a part of her family.


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