JM | Jul 6, 2022

For fourth-straight week, Petrojam shaves cents off petrol prices

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

(Photo: REUTERS/Adriano Machado)

State-owned refinery, Petrojam, is returning with another slate of ‘next-to-nothing’ reductions in the prices of its products come tomorrow (July 7).

For a fourth consecutive week, Petrojam, in its petroleum product price index, advised that 87 octane gasoline will sell for $0.25 lower than last week, closing at J$214.89 per litre.

The marginal decrease was consistent across all major products, however, it is expected that retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices.

ProductPrice per unit (Effective July 7, 2022)Price change (from last week)
Gasoline 87$214.89-$0.25 ($215.14)
Gasoline 90$219.90-$0.25 ($220.15)
Auto diesel$227.01-$0.25 ($227.26)
Kerosene$201.30-$0.25 ($201.55)
Propane$71.94-$1.09 ($73.03)
Butane$80.81-$1.62 ($82.43)
ULSD$229.74-$0.25 ($229.99)


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