JM | Sep 13, 2021

‘For the sins of the unvaxxed’: Businessman Garth Walker upset vaccinated citizens/companies ‘suffering’

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

Chairman of Adam & Eve Day Spa, Garth Walker. (Photo: Don Waysome)

Garth Walker, chairman of the popular Adam & Eve Day Spa, is hitting out against persons unvaccinated for the coronavirus (COVID-19), as another weekend of no-movement restrictions further impacts the business’ sustainability.

Walker, in a tweet on Sunday (September 12), announced that 70 per cent of staff at the Old Hope Road skincare and massage entity are fully vaccinated.

He was confounded, however, why his business should continue to “suffer” due to the reservations of those not wishing to take the vaccine, on whatever grounds.

“We have now vaccinated 70% of our staff and yet we MUST suffer for the unvaxxed. This is beyond me, let them suffer alone,” he declared.

Walker further noted that like a growing number of corporate companies, Adam & Eve Day Spa has already requested unvaccinated staff to present a negative COVID-19 test weekly.

(Photo: Twitter @DiddyGarth)

It was not immediately clear if the additional testing costs would be covered, partially or fully, by Adam & Eve in the interim.

When asked by another Twitter user about the ethical implications of taking an ‘experimental’ jab and a corporate vaccine mandate, the account of the day spa responded it was focused on its own interests.

“You have to be concerned about your situation, I’m only focusing on mine,” Adam & Eve’s Twitter account replied.

Walker’s tweet takes a similar tone to arguments made on Saturday, where he urged to Government of Jamaica to give more tangible benefits to compliant, vaccinated citizens.

According to him, as it stands right now, everyone is ‘suffering’ just the same.

“Apart from being safe, whats the benefit we getting from government for being vaccinated. We suffering the same way like the unvaxxed, we need some benefits. (sic),” he said.


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