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Four reasons to consider using Google’s Bard over ChatGPT

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

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As the AI chatbot war continues, OpenAI’s Chat GPT and Google’s Bard remain at the forefront. ChatGPT’s popularity took the world by storm late last year as both an innovative new way to make work easier and also as a threat to many existing jobs. Google’s Bard was later released seemingly as a response to ChatGPT’s popularity but had a failure at launch which has caused many to stave off from adopting the tool.

Bard has certain quality-of-life advantages compared to ChatGPT users, especially those not using additional plugins or premium features.

1. Bard has a more user-friendly interface

One notable advantage of Google Bard is its user-friendly interface, featuring formatted text that allows for easy scanning. Users can view multiple responses to queries called draft prepared by Bard. Additionally, Bard seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, enabling users to export responses to Google doc and Google sheets

2. Bard uses real-time information from Google

The logo of Google LLC is seen at the Google Store Chelsea in New York City, U.S. (File Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

Unlike ChatGPT, which operates primarily as a text generator and writing tool, Bard’s strength lies more in research. Bard offers real-time responses and up-to-date information based on current events and information from Google Search, in addition to a comprehensive dataset that includes Common Crawl, Wikipedia, and dialogues from the web. In contrast, ChatGPT’s is trained on data scraped from the open internet, with sources ending in 2021.

3. Bard’s ability to summarise complex content and provide images

Bard shines in summarising complex content. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard enables users to use multiple article links from various sources and receive accurate bullet-point summaries. Bard provides images in addition to text based on the topic of research for visual context.

4. Bard is better at conversations and can be accessed from your phone

While ChatGPT is quickly closing the gap in these areas, a dedicated ChatGPT app has already been released for iPhone users on IOS in Jamaica, Bard remains much easier to access even through a smartphone’s web browser.

Have you been using chatbots in your day-to-day life? Have you tried out Bard? Tell me about your experiences with it.

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