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From throwback party to music festival: Strictly 2K shifting gears

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Strictly 2K, once dubbed a retro party, is now expanding into the music festival sphere. Transforming its brand and image to elevate the entertainment value for music lovers in Jamaica, the popular recreational event will now include more live performances.

With champions of the 2000s era, Tifa and Jah Vinci slated to headline the May 26 staging of the event, Strictly 2K’s director of Marketing, Ibrahim Konteh detailed the necessary evolution that the brand has experienced.

“It’s the natural growth of the brand, becoming a music festival speaks to where we are at in terms of the overall growth and our positioning and it’s not just in the name but how we execute the event. For example, in this upcoming staging, we have two headline acts Tifa and Jah Vinci and we have been getting really great reviews for that.”

It’s strictly vibes for Strictly 2K as Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum rejoins the throwback party series as the title sponsor. Beaming with excitement after a successful deal sign-off is J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. Marketing Manager, Pavel Smith (right) alongside the Strictly 2K directors Shaun ‘DJ Chrome’ Chablal (second right), Gabrielle Curling (centre), Marc Hines (second left), and Ibrahim Konteh (left) (Photo: Contributed).

Enabling the transformation is Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, the Strictly 2K patron favourite recently rejoined the throwback party series as the title sponsor.

The year-long partnership will support the team’s entertainment efforts while providing patrons with the official Jamaican party scene accompaniment served as exciting drink mixes.

“Wray & Nephew has a long history with Strictly 2K. It’s a feel-good event that engages partygoers to dress up comfortably and dance to the tunes of the early 2000s. Wray & Nephew is excited to bolster the experience of eventgoers as we celebrate an era of fun,” Pavel Smith, Marketing Manager, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd shared.

With the first staging of 2023 two weeks away, Konteh highlighted the elevated experience Strictly 2K attendees can expect.

“Firstly, we have a really strong team and we listen to our customers. For us, the 2000s is a nostalgic time to remember. We think about our customers not just as ticket purchasers, but we want you to have a great experience. So many of our customers have been with us from day one, from December 2016 to now.”

“Secondly, we think about the experience. From the moment someone purchases a ticket we want to ensure that we have accessible outlets, properly serviced parking lots and we have enough security throughout the venue and a hassle-free bar. Access is one of our signature terms and we believe, and we practice that so we ensure that you don’t have any long lines, you get your Wray and Nephew cocktails perfectly served and quality entertainment, we’ve recently started to delve into artists but for us, it’s about the music and we have like the best DJ line up consistently,” Konteh added.

In keeping with the music festival theme, Strictly 2K patrons can enjoy themed fashion, drink-inclusive bars, and live performances at the event’s venue home, Mas Camp on May 26.


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