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Going the extra mile pays dividends for Trudian Palmer

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Trudian Palmer, realtor.

‘Outperform and overdeliver’ could well be the mantra of RE/MAX Elite Realtor Trudian Palmer who says that “going the extra mile” has certainly paid dividends for her in her professional life.

Since 2019, Palmer has been helping clients acquire their dream properties and, while there is a lot of competition in Kingston where she is based, she says that good customer service and going out of her way to ensure satisfaction has resulted in a long line of pleased property owners who have not been shy about sending referrals her way.

No doubt her degree in hospitality management and experience working in resorts in the United States and Jamaica, other entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as what her friends describe as her “people person skills”, have helped define Palmer’s approach to her profession.

She explained: “A home is probably the biggest purchase an individual would make in their lifetime. It’s very important to the client and I understand that so I give it my full attention. People have varying needs and expectations. For example, persons overseas may need more hand holding, more advice than locals about valuations, lawyers, etc. Because they don’t live here, sometimes I am the one that would drop off surveyor reports and important documents to facilitate the sale. I view prospective homes on their behalf and make recommendations based on their budget, style and location preferences.”

Trudian Palmer, realtor.

Palmer said that, in most transactions, time is of the essence, particularly when there are competing potential purchasers and she is not the ‘listing agent”.

In many instances, she leans heavily on technology like Face Timing with her clients to introduce them to various property options and getting their agreement on making an offer. Locally, she does as many site visits as it takes to find the “perfect property” for her client.

While Palmer has perfected her strategic approach, it is not always easy to close a sale as some clients are not as definitive about what they want.

“Some have unrealistic budgets and, while I try not to burst their bubble, I often have to explain the realities of what’s on the market,” she said.

While COVID-19 reduced activity across all industries, Palmer noted that real estate was affected but still stayed fairly buoyant.

She noted, however, that “most of the available inventory is in the medium to high range and sadly, there is not much for the lower income client. I really want to help them, but that is the situation right now.”

Trudian Palmer, realtor.

The pandemic delayed some sales and, in a few instances, overseas clients in particular lost opportunities.

Thankfully, however, Palmer has been able in most instances to find alternative properties which have found favour with the buyers.

One of these buyers“closed” the sale on her birthday in January and collected her keys in March. It was definitely a cause for major celebration, Jamaica style.

Palmer is back in stride, starting her work day at 9:00 am, working on and off the road and keeping her finger on the pulse of the market and what’s trending.

She is already a RE/MAX Elite ‘Top Producer’ and 2022 looks like another ‘Winning Year’.


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