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Golding’s unity quest reflected in new 19-member Shadow Cabinet

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Bunting, Hanna among team aimed at holding Government to account

Mark Golding, opposition leader and president of the People’s National Party, has pushed a message of unity among Comrades.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding last night made the latest step in his ongoing efforts to unite the fractured People’s National Party (PNP), naming a 19-member Shadow Cabinet that included individuals not yet known to have bought into his presidency of the political organisation.

Among the notable inclusions in the Shadow Cabinet is Lisa Hanna, who Golding beat out to become the party’s leader last month.

Hanna, who was absent from Golding’s victory speech after the election, as well as his swearing in as opposition leader days later, returned to her previously held role as spokesperson on foreign affairs and foreign trade.

Phillip Paulwell, who challenged for and won the chairmanship of the party, despite suggestions that Golding really wanted Angela Brown-Burke to get the job, has been appointed spokesperson on mining and energy, his natural fit.


The moves suggest Golding is sticking to his guns in appointing the individuals he considers the best fits for the job, no matter their leanings at this time.

However, in the biggest change from the previous Shadow Cabinet appointed by Golding’s predecessor, Dr Peter Phillips, Fitz Jackson has been removed as spokesperson on national security in favour of Peter Bunting.

Bunting had previously held the post but was shuffled over to education and training after challenging and then failing to wrestle the partly presidency from Phillips in a September 2019 internal election.

Bunting is also to be appointed to the Senate tomorrow, where he will take over from Donna Scott-Mottley as leader of opposition business.

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Scott-Mottley, who was a vocal supporter of Hanna ahead of the November 7 presidential election, will become his deputy.

The Senate appointment marks Bunting’s return to Gordon House after his surprise loss of the Central Manchester constituency, to the Jamaica Labour Party’s Rhoda Crawford, in the September 3 general elections.

The following is the full make up of the Shadow Cabinet

Mark Golding (MP): Leader of the Opposition, Defence

Julian Robinson (MP): Finance, Planning and the Public Service

Lambert Brown (Senator): Public Service

Lisa Hanna (MP): Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Peter Bunting (Senator): Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate/ National Security

Anthony Hylton (MP): Leader of Opposition Business in the House/ Industry, Investment and Global Logistics

Dr Angela Brown Burke (MP): Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the House/ Education and Training

Donna Scott-Mottley (Senator): Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate/ Justice and Gender Affairs

Janice Allen (Senator): Tourism

Dr Morais Guy (MP): Health and Wellness

Damion Crawford (Senator): Culture and Entertainment

Mikael Phillips (MP): Housing, Transport and Works

Lothan Cousins (MP): Water and Agriculture

Denise Daley (MP): Local Government and Community Development

Sophia Frazer-Binns (Senator) – Land, Environment and Climate Change

Hugh Graham (MP): Commerce, Science and Technology

Phillip Paulwell (MP): Mining and Energy

Dr Floyd Morris (Senator): Labour, Social Security and Special Abilities

Gabriela Morris (Senator): Youth and Sports


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