JM | Jul 16, 2021

Golding stands firm in unity quest as PNP accepts VP resignations

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An October 2020 file photo of People’s National Party president, Mark Golding. (Photo: Facebook @MarkJGolding)

The People’s National Party (PNP) has responded to the shocking en masse resignations of vice presidents Wykeham McNeill, Mikael Phillips, and Damion Crawford as well as chairman Phillip Paulwell. 

The party, in a statement Friday afternoon (July 16), said certain allegations made in the joint resignation letter were inaccurate, adding that they would be addressed in the “appropriate party forum”.

PNP President and Opposition Leader Mark Golding was quoted to be “saddened” by their resignations, however, he accepted the four’s collective departure.

Golding declared that he would continue to strive for unity within the PNP, as he claimed the country needed the party more than ever under the hardships of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

There was no acknowledgement of PNPYO President Kyrstal Tomlinson’s resignation by the party leadership in its statement.

See announcement in full below:

“The party has received the resignation of the incumbent Vice Presidents and Chairman. Certain allegations were made in their resignation letter which are not accurate; however, these will be dealt with in the appropriate Party Forum.

Responding to the resignations, Party President Mark Golding said, “Discussions with respect to the four Vice Presidential candidates were attempted, but unfortunately these did not lead to consensus. It seems that the response of these four officers was to resign en bloc. While I am saddened by this action, their resignations are accepted. Nevertheless, I remain willing to work with these senior comrades in the best interests of the party.”

Phillip Paulwell, Wykeham McNeil, Mikael Phillips and Damion Crawford after winning the vice presidential elections during the People’s National Party’s (PNP) 80th annual conference in Kingston. (Photo: Facebook @JamaicaPNP)

He continued, “I also reaffirm my commitment to building unity in the party, acknowledging that we all have important roles to play in achieving this. Jamaica needs the PNP more than ever, as hardships and insecurity stalk this land under the JLP Government. I will continue to stride forth with all willing comrades as we build back our party, ready to deliver competent, caring and honest government for our beloved Jamaica whenever we are called upon by the Jamaican people.”

The party will issue a further statement on this matter in due course.”


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