JAM | May 9, 2023

Government condemns rape threat made by PNP supporters to journalist

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Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, with Responsibility for Information, Robert Morgan. (Photo: JIS).

Minister with responsibility for Information, Robert Nesta Morgan has condemned reports that a journalist was threatened with rape at the People’s National Party (PNP) headquarters in the presence of senior PNP officials.

Reports are that yesterday evening (May 8), journalists were covering a protest by PNP supporters protesting the appointment of Dr Alfred Dawes as the standard bearer for the PNP in South East St Catherine.

While interviewing with PNP Vice President Mikael Phillips, an unknown supporter allegedly shouted to a female journalist ‘Mi can rape yuh inuh’.

In a statement issued today (May 8), Morgan said that the Government strongly condemns any acts to intimidate, threaten or harm journalists while they carry out their work.

PNP Vice President Mikael Phillips.

He noted that these acts “represent a serious attack on press freedom and require swift and decisive action against those responsible”.

“This Government is committed to press freedom and media safety. The PNP Opposition must embrace a modern approach to media and turn its back on a well-documented past of intimidating, attacking, and threatening media workers,” said Morgan.

He also called on PNP Vice President Mikael Phillips, Deputy General Secretary, Dexroy Martin, and other senior members of the PNP who were present during the incident to report those responsible for the threats made to the female journalist.

Additionally, the minister called on Opposition Spokesperson on Information, Donna Scott Mottley to speak on the matter and urged her to join the Government in defending the rights of journalists.


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