JAM | May 1, 2023

Government plans to introduce new energy sources

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness making his contribution to the 2023/24 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Photo taken March 16, 2023. (Photo: JIS)

The Government is looking to introduce new energy sources that will make power generation in Jamaica more reliable, available, and affordable.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Expo Jamaica 2023, at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, said the Government has embarked on a path to ensure that 50 per cent of Jamaica’s energy is generated from renewable sources.

“We are currently doing a new integrated resource plan to make sure that when we do introduce more green energy, up to 50 per cent, that the entire grid is stable, and that the capacity has been increased,” Holness said.

“So, we are looking at pumped hydro storage… looking at the Mahogany Vale project, which I announced as an important element in our energy mix. I have [also] met with the International Atomic Agency. Jamaica has to explore new technology in nuclear energy, small nuclear plants to generate energy in Jamaica, which will be cheaper, more stable and more affordable,” he added.

Holness maintained that the Government is serious about insulating the economy from energy shocks and high energy prices.

He pointed out that these initiatives will not all materialise in two years, adding that it may take a decade for this to happen.

“We have been lagging for 40 years. Let us start doing things differently. Let us start looking at the big projects that are going to make the difference, and that is what we are investing in now, to create a new paradigm in energy in Jamaica,” the Prime Minister said.


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