JM | May 4, 2021

Gov’t renews call for CARE recipients to collect funds

Juanique Tennant

Juanique Tennant / Our Today


The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service is once again appealing to recipients of the CARE programme who have not yet collected their money to do so as soon as possible.

The appeal comes after a statement released by the ministry on Monday (May 3) indicated that it would no longer move to publish the names of outstanding collectors as had initially been planned.

To date, approximately $300 million in CARE funds related to the SET Cash Grants, General Grants, and Compassionate Grants remain uncollected.

Included in the uncollected funds are grants disbursed to remittance agencies as well as to bank accounts at the request of the applicants.

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These beneficiaries are being asked to note that regardless of which remittance agency they selected or in the event the selected bank was unable to confirm the details provided by the applicant, the uncollected grant can, at this time, only be collected from Lasco MoneyGram agencies. 

Beneficiaries, who have not yet collected their grants, must do so at a Lasco MoneyGram agency by May 30. 

After that date, any amounts that remain uncollected will be returned to the Consolidated Fund to ensure compliance with Jamaica’s laws and regulations. 

To collect their fund’s recipients are required to present their CARE reference number, TRN, and valid government-issued ID at a Lasco MoneyGram agency.

Persons requiring additional information may call CARE customer support at 888-493-2273.


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