JAM | Jul 10, 2024

GraceKennedy Money Services resumes reopening locations across Jamaica

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A Jamaican man completes a transaction at a Western Union location. Western Union operates in Jamaica under the GraceKennedy Financial Services Division. (Photo:

GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS), home of Bill Express, FX Trader and Western Union, has announced the ongoing reopening of its locations across Jamaica, following the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

As electricity and internet services are restored in affected communities, GKMS says it remains committed to providing residents with vital financial services. With over 200 Western Union locations offering money transfers, bill payments through Bill Express, and some providing currency exchange via FX Trader, GKMS is working diligently to resume normal operations.

Recognising potential challenges in accessing physical locations, customers are being reminded of the GK One app as a viable, online alternative.

Customers can receive their Western Union money transfers directly through the app, using only their 10-digit money transfer control number (MTCN). Once the transfer has been received in the app, they can then access the funds with their companion prepaid Visa card.

The prepaid card will allow them to withdraw funds from an ATM that accepts Visa cards, and use them online and or at point-of-sale machines island-wide.  

For those needing to make bill payments, the GK One App offers a free and user-friendly solution. Alternatively, customers can utilise the free platform, providing access to over 90 billers, including all major utilities.

Customers may also utilise the direct-to-bank service, where they can have their Western Union money transfers sent to their registered bank accounts. To register for the service, customers may visit  


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