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Ground broken on new Jamaica Olympic Association headquarters building

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Scenes from the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) ground-breaking ceremony for its ‘Next Generation’ manor on Thursday, November 4. Participating (from left) are 2nd Vice President Robert Scott; 1st Vice President Jacqueline Cowan; President Christopher Samuda; and Secretary-General Ryan Foster. (Photo contributed)

Ground was broken Thursday (November 4), for the expansion of the headquarters of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) on Cunningham Avenue in Kingston.

The expansion to the adjoining property of the existing building comes amidst a move by the JOA to build on its legacy to create a platform for the island’s future athletes under its theme ‘Next Generation’.

“The Jamaica Olympic Association this morning, today, (Thursday) delves into the earth of Cunningham Avenue to create history, to create a future for the now and next generations of our youth,” said JOA President Christopher Samuda.

“The governing and apex body for Olympic and non-Olympic sports put deep in reaching the subterranean to establish a foundation for the recreation and competition of sport, for the business of sport, for the rights and freedom of sport, for comity and unity in sport, for the humanity of sport and for the spirit and soul of sport.

“The recreation of Olympic manor at Cunningham Avenue shall be a home for sport. It shall house offices where conversations on sport will take place. It will house conference rooms where debates in sport will take place, it will house a boardroom and an executive office where policy-making and decision-making will govern the development of sport.”

He also revealed that the addition to the property will house a gym and wellness suite as well as an apparel store “that will commercialize and monetise the properties of sport.”

“It will house a Chancery where the dignity, excellence and character of sport will be celebrated and awarded,” Samuda continued. “And yes, it will house a chapel where the spirit and soul of sport will be reverenced and receive sustenance and be watered.”

Ryan Foster, the JOA’s Secretary-General/CEO, said the completed facility will be a “legacy to the next generation” and also serve to complement its business goals.

“It is historic as it signals the fact that sport is a big business, our business,” Foster said.

“The building of the Olympic Manor will not only be about providing capacity, but it is about expanding the business model of the JOA to meet the growing demand of an industry that has not been capitalised on for far too long,” Foster added. “The Manor will not only expand the assets of the JOA, but upon completion, will begin to reap real dividends for the benefit of the expansive plans that we have for the next quadrennial.”

The project is expected to be completed within nine to 12 months.


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