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Happy birthday, Anthony B!

Mikala Johnson

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Reggae singer and song writer Anthony B.

Today represents a special day for reggae singer Anthony B, the Tease Her singer is celebrating his 47th birthday!

Anthony B as he is popularly known was born Keith Anthony Blair on March 31, 1976, in Trelawny. The artiste grew up in the rural community of Clark’s Town in the parish with his family.

Like many other artistes Antony B’s musical journey started in the church. As a child, the entertainer was immersed in the vibrant chants and rhythms of Revivalism and the Seventh-Day Adventist church where he’d honed his soon-to-be signature vocals.

In his early years, the artiste also cleaved to the music of reggae legends, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh – musicians who strongly influenced his own style.

In 1992, Anthony B left his hometown and set out to make his fateful mark on Kingston’s music scene.

His first taste of the music industry came when he debuted as a deejay for the local sound system, Shaggy Hi-Power even though he was still attending high school.

As a teenager, Anthony B adopted Rastafari movement beliefs and is a member of the Bobo Ashanti branch of the movement.

The artiste chided the trend of girl and gun lyrics popular at that time and remained faithful to words of spiritual consciousness and social conviction.

Over the years he was able to make his mark globally as a reggae artiste courtesy of signature voice and affirmative lyrics.

In late 1997, Anthony B released Universal Struggle, followed by a large number of albums since including 1999’s Seven Seals, 2003’s Street Knowledge, 2004’s Untouchable which featured collaborations with artists including Wyclef Jean,Snoop Dogg and Bone Crusher, 2005’s Black Star plus My Hope, and more recently, Life Over Death (2008).

The artiste was welcomed to Gambia by the king in 2003 and 2004. He also sold out shows in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany in 2004.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at five of Anthony B’s earlier tracks.

Raid The Barn

Release date: 1994

Synopsis: In this popular track, the artiste sings about those individuals who never put in the necessary work to achieve their goals but rather depend on other individuals to reward them. The song encourages individuals to work towards realising their goals by putting in the effort.

Hurt Di Heart

Release date: 1996

Synopsis: In this hit track, Anthony B sings of his relationship with God. The artiste shares all that God has done for him being his constant guide.


Release date: 1998

Synopsis: The artiste through this single tells that every action bears a consequence. The song shows that saying ‘I am sorry’ doesn’t always make things right especially after causing the damage. The artiste urges individuals to think before the act.

Mr Heartless

Release date: 1999

Synopsis: Mr Heartless is without a doubt one of Anthony B’s most popular song. The song highlights the injustice and inequality within the society especially towards youths.


Release date: 2012

Synopsis: Anthony B, in this song, sings of the strength and power or black/ Rastafarian people. The artiste sings of how strong the black race is.


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