USA | Nov 24, 2021

HAVN Life successfully exported magic mushroom from its Jamaica facility into Canada

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Supply Agreement signed with Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division

Havn Life Sciences Inc, a biotechnology company, has announced that it has successfully exported naturally derived magic mushroom or psilocybin from its facility in Jamaica into Canada.

The importation of the naturally derived magic mushroom into Canada was completed after Havn Life Sciences entered into a supply agreement with Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Psilobrain Therapeutics Inc. 

The agreement with Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division Inc paves the way for HAVN Life’s successful exportation of naturally derived magic mushroom from Jamaica.

Additionally, the agreement  validates the company’s supply chain business model of providing psilocybin for clinical use and research, adding to previously announced supply partnerships this year with Mycrodose Therapeutics, Mycotopia Therapies, Cube Psytech, Allied Health, ATMA Journey Centers, Revive Therapeutics and HealthTech Connex.

Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division Inc has a Controlled Substance Dealer’s Licence for the relevant psychedelic compounds issued by Health Canada. Under that licence, Nectar was granted an import permit, pursuant to the provisions of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Food and Drugs Regulations.

Partnership between the companies being hailed

“This partnership is a huge win for us as we look to secure additional supply agreements with Canadian companies, now that the integrity of our supply chain from Jamaica has been demonstrated,” said HAVN Life CEO Tim Moore.

“As the research and drug development work on psilocybin moves forward, HAVN Life continues to position itself as a supply chain leader, able to meet the demand for naturally derived psilocybin,” Moore added.

“We are pleased to be one of HAVN Life Sciences preferred supply partners,” said Kevin Coft, CEO of Psilobrain Therapeutics Inc.

“Our Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division has been at the forefront of synthetic psychedelic research, and our supply agreement with HAVN Life Sciences compliments and initiates our next stage of comprehensive testing, analytics, extraction, and product development from psychedelic mushrooms cultivated and processed under stringent quality control protocols.“

The agreement and supply of psilocybin to Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division Inc will be in compliance with all applicable Health Canada regulations.

HAVN Life Sciences is a biotechnology company pursuing standardised extraction of psychedelic compounds for the creation of APIs, the development of natural health products, and innovative therapies to support brain health and enhance the capabilities of the mind. Through its research division, HAVN Labs has developed an end-to-end supply chain of standardised, naturally derived psychedelic compounds for research that will define the future of modern medicine. With its new line of natural health products, HAVN Life offers a full range of high-quality mushroom and plant extracts that help boost immune function, reduce inflammation and support a healthy lifestyle.

Psilobrain Therapeutics Inc is a Canadian biotech company that draws on the latest advances in psychedelic medicine to produce scientifically designed products to facilitate evidence-based healing and wellness.

Backed by its three Health Canada licences, the company integrates and controls all aspects of the supply chain from sourcing our naturally derived psilocybin for research-developed formulations through our licensed R&D laboratory.

Psilobrain is committed to our Drug Development Program, with three provisional patents and numerous preclinical studies in various stages of research and data collection. The company is an active contributor to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and psychedelic wellness industries.

In addition to drug development, Psilobrain has partnered with Psychedelic Wellness Clinics to support emerging psychedelic therapies by collaborating with clinical counsellors on psychedelic prescription research, product development and data collection.


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