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JM | May 14, 2022

Health benefits of Jamaica-found fruits: Tangerine

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

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The island’s rich, warm climate makes it quite ideal for a variety of tasty and mouth-watering fruits to grow. Although many of these delectables that we have come to know and love did not originate in Jamaica, they can be found all across the island.

And though delicious and/or sweet, these fruits provide some great health benefits. In another edition of Our Today‘s fruit feature series, we explore the health benefits that Jamaica-found fruits are able to provide, and this time around, the spotlight is on the tangerine.

Known to be a variety of oranges, the tangerine is said to have originated in Morocco. Although this fruit is similar in colour to the orange, the orange is larger and rounder than the tangerine.

Health Benefits

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Antioxidant properties

Rich in antioxidants, consuming tangerine helps the body ward off oxidative stress, caused by a build up of free radicals.

This in turn prevents the development of certain types of heart disease and cancer.

Improves immune system

Like the orange, tangerines are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, has always been known to aid the body’s immune system.

The critical micronutrient builds the body’s defensive system, supporting multiple cellular functions.

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Helps with anaemia

This sweet and succulent fruit is also known for helping with the iron-deficiency disease, anaemia.

Occurring when the body lacks enough red blood cells to properly transport oxygen, the tangerine causes the body to absorb iron which in turn helps to prevent the condition.

Improves skin appearance

Tangerine consumption can increase the speed at which cuts and wounds heal.

The Vitamin A found in the fruit assists the body in rebuilding tissue causing a rippled effect, lessening the likelihood of wrinkles and fine lines in the facial area.

Not able to produce its own collagen, the body relies on outside properties to create the structural protein. The supportive protein found in bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, helps skin cells adhere to one another and also gives the skin strength and elasticity.

Properties found in the tangerine can also help fight against some skin diseases.

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Helps with eye health

With a moderate amount of Vitamin A, coupled with its richness in Vitamin C, consuming a healthy amount of the fruit can delay or prevent the onset of certain eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Helps digestive system

Like many other fruits, tangerines are high in fibre content. As many of you have come to know, fibre is essential in the grand scheme of digestion.

Helping to keep bowel movements regular, large amounts of fibre intake softens and increases the weight and size of the stool, making for an easier pass.


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