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Here are 6 simple tips to help you regrow your edges

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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Having beautiful healthy edges means everything these days. After all, a hairstyle is hardly ever complete without styling your edges.

Well, if unfortunately you don’t have enough edges left to style, and you’re struggling to maintain what’s left of it, bare in mind that you’re not alone.

If your edges seem to be constantly breaking off or you’re starting to see bald spots in your hairline, don’t worry. Many women experience hair loss, especially around the edges of their scalp.

Thinning edges can be caused by various factors – stress, genetics, or over-processing your hair can all result in thinning hair, especially your edges.

With that out of the way, the big question is, do you want to grow back your edges? If you’re looking for ways to do so, you’re in luck.

Today we’ll discuss how you can use natural methods to reverse thinning edges and also provide tips for maintaining your hairline once it has grown!

So, without any further delay, let’s get things going!

Here are six of the most effective tips you can use to grow back your edges.

Making your own hair elixir is one of the safest ways to ensure that you aren’t applying harsh chemicals to your hair.

Use gentler hair care products

The ‘edge controls’ that you are using to groom your edges might actually be causing more harm than good. Some of these products contain harsh chemicals that damage your edges.

If you desire to grow back your edges, it’s essential to use gentle products that won’t strip away moisture. Ensure that you use products that are sulphate-free and alcohol-free!

Also, look for products with ingredients that promote hair growth, such as biotin, vitamin C, and niacin.

Another great way to stimulate hair growth is by using essential oils, such as rosemary or peppermint, by adding a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner and massaging it into your scalp when washing your hair.

Using heating tools on your hair can damage your edges.

Avoid using heat-styling tools

As you may know, too much heat can cause damage to your hair. Therefore using heat-styling tools on a regular basis can make it more difficult to grow back your edges. 

If you must use heat on your hair, apply a heat protectant and keep the temperature low. However, try to limit the use of heat-styling tools or avoid it altogether, your edges will thank you for it.

Avoid hairstyles that are too tight

One of the main reasons why your edges break is actually as a result of the hairstyles you wear.

Pulling your hair too tightly can cause a lot of tension on your hairline as well as hair breakage. This can happen from wearing ponytails, buns, or braids that are just too tight.

It’s important to avoid hairstyles that pull on them. Instead, opt for loose styles that don’t put too much tension on your hairline.

Using moisturisers will help to keep your hair hydrated and free from breakage.

Keep your hair moisturised

Here is another secret to help you grow back your edges, are you ready for it? Your moisturiser is your best friend! It’s essential to keep your hair moisturised, especially if you want to see those edges grow back.

Use a conditioner and deep conditioning treatment every time you wash your hair. In addition, you can try using a leave-in conditioner and drink plenty of water to help keep your hair hydrated.

Massage your scalp

Practise massaging your scalp to stimulate blood flow as this can help you grow back your edges. An increase in blood flow to your scalp can stimulate overall hair growth.

You can massage your scalp with natural oils, such as lavender, castor oil or peppermint oil. Do this for about five minutes every day by making it a part of your morning and night routines.

Using a silk bonnet can help to protect your edges.

Use a bonnet at night

Taking care of your hair by wearing a silk bonnet at night is another way to help protect your edges and keep them from breaking.

First, apply a light oil or cream to help seal in moisture before you wrap your hair. Once that’s done, gently tie down your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet.

Wrapping your hair will help prevent breakage from friction and loss of moisture and keep your edges healthy!

It’s also important to remember to reduce your stress level, pay attention to your diet and, last but not least, be patient. These are some other tips that you might want to consider to help grow your edges get to where you want to see them.


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