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Jamaican mothers of social media: Tami Chin Mitchell

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Tami Chin Mitchell

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Our Today has decided to highlight popular mothers on social media who have used their platform to shared their tips and tricks of motherhood to new and even seasoned mothers.

Today, the focus will be on Jamaican songbird turn family vlogger Tami Chin Mitchell.

Tammar Annika Chin, known by her stage name Tami Chynn, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and dancer. She is known for her hit singles Certified Diva, Over And Over Again and Hot! But most importantly, and above all else, she is a mother.

When the pandemic hit, Tami and her husband Wayne Mitchell, otherwise known by his stage name Wayne Marshall decided to share their family with the world by creating a family vlog channel on YouTube known called Meet the Mitchells.

Through this channel, many Jamaicans were able to watch the family of nine as they went through their day to day life, having vacations and celebrating milestone events. But the vlog would not be complete without Tami sharing some words of wisdom to parents.

Whether it was correcting something Atlas did on camera, or a two-minute talk in the car with supporters, Tami would always share her experiences as a parent, the things she has learnt and the values that she tries to instill in her children.

The advice that she often gave in those short clips would always leave a significant impact on viewers who would rushed to the comment section to share that her words were either inspirational, informative and appreciate.

In fact, the support she got from sharing the high and lows of motherhood was so great that she decided to start a separate YouTube channel called Tami Tackles Everything. This new channel gave her an outlet to dive deeper into the topic of motherhood and life as a woman. But she did not stop there.

In addition to YouTube, the singer would also share advice or quotes about motherhood on her social media accounts. She would also express her love for her family and core memories that will forever be engraved in her heart.

But what made the posts even better was that they came at random points in time. It did not have to be a birthday or anniversary celebration for her to show her love and appreciation for her family, proving that a mother’s love is constant.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Tami Chin!

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