Jamaica | Mar 6, 2023

Historic ocean treaty signed to protect marine life

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After 10 years of deliberations and negotiations, members of the United Nations have signed an international treaty to protect the high seas, a fragile and vital treasure that covers nearly half the planet.

The High Seas Treaty aims to have 30 per cent of the seas labelled as protected areas by 2030. Currently, only one per cent of the high seas are protected.

The agreement was delayed due to disagreements on funding and fishing rights, but was finally agreed n after five rounds of UN negotiations on Saturday (March 4).

“Countries must formally adopt the treaty and ratify it as quickly as possible to bring it into force, and then deliver the fully protected ocean sanctuaries our planet needs,” said Laura Meller, a Greenpeace oceans campaigner who attended the talks.

She added: “The clock is still ticking to deliver 30 by 30. We have half a decade left, and we can’t be complacent.”

Marine life living outside of these protected areas has been at risk from climate change, overfishing and shipping traffic.


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