JAM | May 8, 2023

Hundreds of Jamaicans benefit from American optometry medical mission

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Durrant Pate/Contributor

As much as 900 Jamaicans benefitted from the recently concluded Volunteer Optometrists Services to Humanity (VOSH) International medical mission to the island.

VOSH, one of the largest optometry and lay volunteer humanitarian nonprofits in the world, completed its 27th medical trip to Jamaica, providing free screenings and eyewear.

Optometry-related services as offered by VOSH International make it possible to help Jamaicans see clearly at no cost to them. The mission to Jamaica first started in 1984, with annual trips to the island but reverted to a biannual affair.

However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused a delay with the mission last coming to Jamaica back in 2019 shortly before the pandemic started.

Dr Brad Meier, optometrist with Meier Visual Clinic, also just completed his 27th mission trip to the island of Jamaica, bringing with his team of 28-volunteers, eight optometrists.

This year’s volunteers ranged from ages 13 to 80 comprising retired educators, nurses, health care people including Meier’s family members such as his wife and grandsons.

Meier explains that the donated eyeglasses are mostly collected by Alliance Clubs throughout the United States, noting that to cater to 900 Jamaicans, they needed to have had eight times that many.


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