Jamaica | Mar 4, 2023

Hylton slams Hill’s ‘dubious’ statement on cannabis imports

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Anthony Hylton

Opposition Spokesperson on industry and investment Anthony Hylton is unsatisfied with portfolio minister Aubyn Hill’s assurances that cannabis imported from Canada to Jamaica was for research purposes.

Hylton, in a Friday (Match 3) statement responding to Hill, called the minister’s stance “dubious” at best.

“The unusually large quantities of flowered cannabis imported into the island, reported to be around 140 kg in total, is far larger than the typical research quantity, which is around 1-5 kg of cannabis,” Hylton began.

“The more successful dispensaries sell about 15 kg of cannabis per month. So the imported quantities are large, even for commercial purposes, and would represent an abuse of the research and development (R&D) licence even if that was the licence approved by the Cannabis Licensing Authority ( CLA) for the importation of the cannabis,” he added.

Hylton renewed calls for the fulsome and immediate release of the details relating to the ganja imported from Canada by Minister Hill rather than what he considered the dribs and drabs that the information coming to the public.

He warns that confidence in the CLA and the ministry is being undermined.



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