JAM | May 5, 2023

I-Octane’s daughter escapes serious injury in car crash

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Dancehall artiste I-Octane is giving thanks that his daughter, Dejay Muir, escaped serious injuring after a taxi operator collided into a vehicle she was in.

Octane shared the news on his Instagram account yesterday (May 4), where he shared a series of photos from the incident.

“This is why I pray and glorify God everyday because only God know the time and when…A taxi man break the one way and almost kill my big daughter…Me vex yuh f$$k but me nah cuss because God save her life… She’s in a lot of pain but she have life,” he captioned the photos.

He then made an appeal to all taxi drivers to be more careful on the roads.

“Listen this all taxi man [or] hustlers in Jamaica… I am from the Streets/Ghetto so me understand say we as ghetto people afi hustle, but please remember to do so without killing/hurting a next human being while you at it,” he pleaded.

The Thank You Fada singer received many well wished from members of the entertainment and media fraternity who said they were praying for Dejay’s smooth recovery and thanked God for sparing her life.

“Jesus is King. Thank God she’s safe,” commented dancehall artiste Spice. “Jah [know] star. Fada God thank you for sparing her life. Speedy recovery Bro Bro continue pray. We Deh yah a pray too,” dancehall producer Seanizzle wrote.

“Grateful she is alive and still has mobility . I can only imagine the anger and shock. Continue to cover her with prayer,” wrote Krystal Tomlinson.


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