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‘I was paid not to talk’: Macka Diamond opens up about being beaten by popular artiste

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Macka Diamond

Dancehall veteran Macka Diamond took to her social media on Saturday (October 9) to break her silence in a video clip about being physically assaulted by a popular artiste back in the day.

The jovial dancehall artiste struggled to collect her thoughts as she attempted to share the events leading up to the brutal attack.

Macka recalls the ordeal as the most traumatic experience she has ever endured.

According to Macka, a studio that she would frequent was home to two popular artistes at the time who were also beefing with each other, one of whom she said was always mean to her and never took her up on dubplate requests.

Macka shared that she had a good relationship with the other popular artiste, who was always supportive and gave her several dubplates.

The Dye Dye singer says, one day, she went to the studio and could sense that something was wrong right off the bat, noting that, on that day, something was different as she was met by over 20 stone-cold-faced men, who were clearly trying to intimidate her.

A confused Macka became even more concerned after she heard what she recalls to be a high steel gate at the entrance to the studio slam shut.

She then saw the popular artiste who was always mean to her, approaching her and a confrontation ensued.

“The artiste tek up a big piece a board and wen him done broke it up pon mi.”

Macka Diamond

“Hey gyal, you deh round a studio a deal wid artiste me don’t like, and a call up mi name,” she recalls him saying, accusing her of talking about him with his rival.

“A dubplate mi go look, and mi beg you dubplate all the while and yuh no wah give mi,” she said in response.

“The artiste tek up a big piece a board and wen him done broke it up pon mi,” she said, before bursting into tears.

However, before she could get all her words out, the popular artiste reached for a broad board and attacked her with it, hitting her in the back and all over her body, shattering the board into pieces.

“The artiste tek up a big piece a board and wen him done broke it up pon mi,” she said, before bursting into tears.

A distraught Macka used a white rag to wipe the tears from her eyes and continued with the remaining details.

The deejay recalls running to the nearest police station to file a report, but due to her fear of retaliation at the time she decided not to press any charges against her attacker.

The 50-year-old explained that her decision to not press charges was also influenced by the fact that her attacker was being managed by someone she respected very much and admired.

She went on to disclose that she is still in communication with the popular artiste who attacked her.

Macka decided against exposing the name of the person.

Macka Diamond on finding courage to speak out

Macka also explained in the video clip the reason she is now telling her story, stating that she was finally able to conjure up the strength and courage after witnessing singer Tanya Stephens sharing her experience of  being sexually assaulted by a male figure in the entertainment industry.

The singer also shared that she was paid to not tell her story or reveal the identity of her attacker.

“I was paid not to talk,” she said.

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Macka, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe, was born in Kingston and raised in Portmore, St Catherine. She is popularly known for songs like Done A Ready and Dye Dye.

Following overwhelming support from her followers ,Macka made a post to her social media on Sunday (October 10), where she can be seen blowing a kiss at the camera behind her dark shades.

 “To all my #diamonds and #trufriends who dm or text thany you im great muah,” she captioned the post.


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