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iCreate brings Digital Learning Pathways to market through edX partnership

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Certification from Institutions such as Harvard & Columbia

The iCreate Institute has announced a partnership with and launch of Digital Learning Pathways through edX (now part of 2U, one of the world’s largest and most recognised online learning platforms), which is expected to greatly expand the course offerings at the institute and support its investment in digital education.

In making its announcement, iCreate said there would be an immediate expansion of 150 courses, including courses in Spanish to match the institute’s regional ambitions.

The Institute said the new Digital Learning Pathways bring core technical, skills-based training and certification directly from edX partners such as Harvard University, Columbia University as well as global technology leaders such as Amazon, IBM and the Linux Foundation. For individuals, these pathways will be paired with the guidance and career focus necessary to translate the training into employment and increased entrepreneurial ability. For companies seeking to undergo the digital transformation necessary to remain competitive in today’s business environment, these pathways can form the foundation of a robust, consistent and distributable training platform to upskill new and existing employees.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with edX to bring guided, self-paced, accessible courses to the market in a first of it’s kind offering,” said Dominic Summers, president at iCreate Institute.

Dominic Summers, president of iCreate Institute. (Photo: Contributed)

“These pathways will ensure learners not only have the core technical skills necessary to adapt to today’s fast-paced business job market, but also will see them foster the habits necessary for lifelong learning. Each pathway sees a student earning multiple certifications from top schools and organisations all across the world and will be a significant boost to any resume.

“For businesses looking to drive their internal digital transformation, it’s necessary to understand that your organisation cannot transform without the people involved first doing so. We’re excited to work with businesses on finding the right programmes to develop their human capital to see the transformations we know are possible become reality for our region.”

The first pathways being introduced to market include:

1. Artificial Intelligence Essentials

2. Data Science Essentials

3. Digital Transformation for Businesses

The pathways begin in January of 2022, with sales beginning this quarter . For more information, visit


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