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IDB Lab-Microsoft event to focus on innovative entrepreneurship

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First edition of IDB Lab Forum to be held October 26 to 28 with objective to promote innovation for inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean

Inter-American Development Bank headquarters at Washington, D.C.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through its innovation laboratory, IDB Lab, and in collaboration with IDB Invest, has partnered with Microsoft to launch IDB Lab Forum, a high-level, global event with regional reach aimed at putting innovative entrepreneurship at the centre.

The forum promises to highlight how technology, digital solutions and new business models are improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With Microsoft joining as a founding partner of the event, it will include the participation of important players in the innovation ecosystem.

IDB Lab Forum is to be held from October 26 to 28 and will be free and primarily virtual, although it will have a face-to-face component in Miami on the 26th.

Irene Arias Hofman, CEO of IDB Lab, said that “IDB Lab Forum will play a key role for the region by providing a unique space for mobilising business, ideas, and connections to develop and scale innovative solutions for an economic recovery that is inclusive, green, and resilient, in line with the Vision 2025 priorities defined by the IDB Group”.

Mariana Castro, vice president of sales, marketing, and operations at Microsoft Latin America.

Mariana Castro, vice president of sales, marketing, and operations at Microsoft Latin America said: “Our collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank has always been focused on jointly accelerating the growth of Latin American markets through technological solutions.”

Castro added: “Today we are excited to be a part of the launch of the IDB Lab Forum, an initiative that represents a commitment to SMEs and Digital Native Companies of Latin America and the Caribbean, who accelerate the economy and social recovery of the region with their creation of new businesses and the use of new technologies. It is an innovative initiative that will promote the generation of ideas and strategies to outline a path towards digital maturity in the region.”

Among the participants in the forum are founders of innovative ventures, managers of venture capital funds, executives of large companies, including technology companies, representatives of accelerators, universities and global innovation hubs, thematic experts, impact investors, policy makers and officials of public entities dedicated to promoting innovation.

The event will have different interaction points, such as panels, business meeting points, an ecosystem showcase, pitch sessions, and a launch platform for products and initiatives, among others. The agenda is divided into three blocks:

  1. “Undertaking and Innovating,” which will include practical content, visibility opportunities, ad networking spaces for entrepreneurs and the innovation ecosystem that supports them.
  2. “Businesses that improve lives,” which will include sessions on how new business models are having an impact on inclusion through sectors such as edtech, agtech, fintech, and healthtech, among others.
  3. “Impact that scales,” which will provide spaces for global and regional partners that connect innovations at scale.

Registration for the virtual sessions will remain open until the day of the event through the link:


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