JAM | Jun 20, 2023

If you want to know soca, go to a small fete, says Brush1

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Brush1 The Road Marshal (Photo: Instagram @brush1theroadmarshal)

In an interview with Our Today, popular soca DJ Brush1 The Road Marshal, shared his perspective on soca music as a Jamaican enthralled in the culture.

“First of all I wouldn’t call myself a ‘soca DJ,’ said Brush1. “I’m a dj that specialises in soca,” he clarified.

Brush1 The Road Marshal (Photo: Instagram @brush1theroadmarshal)

Brush1 explained that soca music varies in many ways and adopts cultural influences from each place that it is played.

“I think the main difference between a DJ that specialises in soca versus another DJ is passion, the passion that you have to have for the culture and the music is just different, I believe that soca music is more of a feeling that you have to be able to relate to in order to fully appreciate it,” he continued.

If you want to know soca and learn to appreciate it then my first recommendation would be- to go to a small fete, just go, throw out all your preconceived notions, just go watch the people enjoy themselves and feel the energy.

Brush1 the road marshal

“If you look at most songs, such as Come Home, yes we’re going to jump like we never jump but why are we doing it,” he posed. “What it really is, is a love song to carnival itself and how much we have missed it since everything has been shut down during the pandemic; that relatable feeling-that yearning is the type of thing I’m talking about,” he highlighted.

Brush1 explained that soca music is a genre that he has grown to love over the years and he has made it a mission to build a soca loving community in Jamaica through his performances.

Brush1 on Fyah105 (Video: Instagram @brush1theroadmarshal)

“The difference between a soca party for me, is that people go to a soca party intent on enjoying themselves however, whereas at a dancehall party you can find some crowds more focused on hype and appearance, which is all fine and a matter of preference,” said the DJ when asked about the differences he has observed with soca parties compared to dancehall parties.


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