Jamaica | Mar 6, 2023

Investigations launched into altercation between JDF and JCF members

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The high command of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has launched an investigation into an altercation that took place between a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and a member of the JCF. The incident, which was caught on camera and shared on social media, shows a verbal and physical altercation between the two officers.

In response, Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of Area 4, Donovan Graham, has scheduled a meeting with his senior JDF counterparts today (March 6) to discuss the matter and bring it to resolution.

The JCF has emphasized that this incident does not reflect the current excellent working relationship and collaboration that exists between the JDF and the JCF. Joint operations between the two forces take place continually, particularly in the Zones of Special Operations, the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force, and every other policing division. These joint operations are critical to crime fighting efforts and ensuring the safety and security of the Jamaican people.

The JCF remains committed to working with the JDF to maintain law and order and serve the communities. The JCF has urged its members, as well as the public, to remain calm as the investigation proceeds. The JCF will take the necessary steps to ensure a speedy resolution and maintain the high levels of cooperation that currently exist between the JDF and the JCF.


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