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IQMK Global to host reception in Jamaica promoting MusMusic as new approach to wellness

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MusMusic festivals for health and hope to be staged around the world starting September 2021 in Mexico

Joaquin ‘Quino’ McWhinney of Big Mountain. (Photo: Facebook @BigMountain)

IQMK Global, the international distributors of MusNatural Muscadine grape seed and skin extract, is to host a reception in Jamaica focusing on MusMusic as a new approach to wellness that promotes “music as medicine” for hope and health.

The company yesterday announced its commitment to support “music as medicine” with the reception at Hope Gardens, Jamaica and a live performance by brothers, Quino and James McWhinney of Big Mountain reggae group.

IQMK Global’s MusMusic debut Garden Party will be held this coming Sunday, July 25, 2021 at the Pavilion Garden, Hope Garden, Kingston from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Big Mountain is currently in Jamaica to release its 13th album, Freedom, produced by multiple-Grammy award winning engineer Delroy ‘Fatta’ Pottinger at Anchor Studio in Kingston. The album’s main themes of hope, love, and renewal compliment IQMK Global’s commitment to improving the world by transforming health and renewing hope.

“MusNatural Muscadine grape is a whole food, all natural supplement that helps people to feel better, just like great music does,” said Mike Asghari, president and founder of IQMK Global.

Mike Asghari, president and founder of IQMK Global.

He noted that his company wants “to promote music as a movement for better health around the world. MusMusic is our stage to do that”.

Plans MusMusic festivals around the globe

The company plans MusMusic festivals for health and hope around the world, starting September 2021 in Mexico and continuing throughout 2022 with events slated in the United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, and Europe.

More information on this will be forthcoming on the company’s website at

Joaquin ‘Quino’ McWhinney, lead singer and founder of Big Mountain, is the international musician spokesperson for MusNatural. According to him, “music has always been a force for positive change in our world and to marry music to natural healing and better living is a powerful next step. The MusNatural product transformed my own health and continues to bring me more vitality every day”.


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