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USA | Oct 14, 2020

Is D.L. Hughley a seer?

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

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He was on point on the George Floyd situation three years ago!

American actor, political commentator, author and stand-up comedian, Darryl Lynn (D.L.) Hughley. (Photo: Variety.com)

By Al Edwards

D.L. Hughley is a fantastic and gifted comic who is a profound and well-read individual.

Today, America and the wider world is in uproar over the death of Floyd George at the hands, or should we say knee, of a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

There have been protests the length and breadth of the country but will justice ever be served and will young black men ever stop being murdered at the hands of the police?

D.L Hughley did an interview on Vlad TV back in 2017 and talked about this situation, asking the question, “When is this country going to get so appalled by a level of brutalisation that they can no longer abide it?”

The protests and lootings in America are not about breaches of law and order but rather an explosion of anger and resentment at continually seeing the unwarranted murder and abuse of black people at the hands of the police with many viewing this as a manifestation of systemic racism.

Hughley, who is author of the books, ‘How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People’ and this year’s ‘Surrender White People! Our Unconditional Terms for Peace’, shows a level of knowledge, insight, and perspicacity that foreshadows the tragic death of Floyd, his windpipe crushed by the officer pressing down with his knee on his neck and him pleading ‘I can’t breathe’.

“We watched Freddie Gray die, we watched Philando Castile die, we watched Alton Sterling die, we watched the kid from Oklahoma die. So, Emmett Till’s murder made people so appalled by the level of violence someone is visited with that they stopped it?” he asked.

D.L. Hughley’s bestselling book, ‘Surrender White People! Our Unconditional Terms For Peace’, orginally published in June 2020. (Photo: Amazon.com)

“I don’t think so. Maybe it’s true, but I bet the empirical data would prove otherwise. I think America by and large, has never seen a black man die and it was so upsetting that they decided enough was enough,” argued Hughley, who further stressed that Emmett Till’s violent death didn’t change a single thing in America.

Emmett Till was lynched in Mississippi back in 1955 for looking at a white woman.

I will submit that in America, there has never been a black man killed that society was so abhorred by, that they changed things, that they were so angry about and so hurt by that they changed things.”

D.L. Hughley, comedian and author.

The question is now, in the 21st Century, will George Floyd’s death make a difference? Will policing and race relations undergo a fundamental change?

Turning his attention to going the justice route via the courts, Hughley sees further obstacles and disappointment for black people.

“Prosecutors are shown tapes of potential suspects doing things all the time and that is enough to convict. But if you show a video of a cop doing something – ‘We don’t know what he did before. We don’t know what precipitated this’,” he began.

“One gets the presumption of guilt and one gets the presumption of innocence. I will submit that in America, there has never been a black man killed that society was so abhorred by, that they changed things, that they were so angry about and so hurt by that they changed things,” the American comedian continued.

Perhaps only the wit of Hughley could come up with the analogy that justice for black people is as rare as an eclipse.

Check out what he says here: “People are looking at the eclipse and say ‘it is so rare, it happens once in a lifetime’. If I want to see something that happens once in a lifetime, I’ll look at the conviction of a police officer for killing a black man. I’ll look at justice – just as rare as an eclipse!”

Many people on all levels and wherever they may be, are revulsed by the video of a police officer pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, until he dies, and are asking when will this change?

In the interview with the DJ, whose name is Vladislav Lyubovny, Hughley implores: “How many times can this keep happening before we get the point that you think this is the way things should be? There are two things in society that never seem to get a lot of sympathy – Great White sharks and young black males. If a shark attack somebody, they round up all the other sharks and go ‘You know what? We trying to find the right shark’.

“Sharks and young black men – you can do whatever you want to them. At least sharks get a week – on Discovery Channel!”    


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