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It’s bridal season!

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Bliss Trunk Show returns with buzz after three-year hiatus

If you and your partner are looking to get married in 2022, Bliss Bridal Boutique has you covered.

After a three-year break, the 5th annual staging of Bliss Bridal Trunk Show is back with the most exclusive designer gowns and to help brides create a magical wedding experience.

Last Saturday, The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston was transformed into a wedding dress market as dozens of brides scour to find their eyes desire. The show featured some of the world’s most recognised designers that brides could rent, or purchase.

The Bridal Show had a total of 380 brides registered who are in the process of getting married this wedding season, peaking in June to early next year.

Sara Stanford, founder of Bliss Bridal Boutique.

Sara Stanford, founder of Bliss Bridal Boutique, said the event was well received by brides as created an opportunity for new brides to access the kind of quality of service they need to live their dreams.

“Our last show was in March of 2019, so it has been three years since we last staged a show. I think it was received fabulously by brides. The brides that were there, most of them have never experienced anything like this before and some of them didn’t know this existed because there weren’t any brides to be in 2018 and 2019 when we were doing this before, so I think they received the show very well,” said the Jamaican entrepreneur.

“I think a lot of them were surprised as to what the actual show was because I don’t think these brides ever knew there was a show they could actually go to, to physically fit dresses, look at brand new designs from the different designers and get huge discounts on the day,” she continued.

Despite the gloom of the pandemic, Bliss Boutique Ja continues to elevate and seek creative ways to help brides-to-be.

“We are always trying to innovate and find new experiences for our brides and that’s how the Bliss Trunk Show came about, it was from seeing a need with what was currently out there with bridal shows and saying that we want to give a bridal show that adds more value,” she told Our Today.

In partnering with some of Jamaica’s reputable and corporate brands, title sponsor Sagicor Investments played a crucial role in the financial aspect of the wedding planning process.

“We partnered with Sagicor Investments because we thought it was so important that brides and grooms really look at this wedding process in totality. So, are we saving for the wedding? Are we saving for a year, and if we are, where are we putting that money? Well, let’s put it in one of Sagicor’s Investment plans and they have bridal registration. There’s also a feature where you can invest money that would save towards certain things that would include your home, whether it is furnishing your home or the actual wedding so we thought that was important and then we partnered with different vendors to try and help brides plan their wedding,” Sara Stanford shared.

The Bliss Bridal Trunk Show also involved vendors such as Charela Inn, Tingalaya’s Retreat, Kremi Ice Cream,  GCG Catering, Angelese Makeup, Nicki’s Hairstyle, and The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.


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