JAM | May 10, 2023

J$1 billion to be used for water storage in next budget

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that J$1 billion will be set aside in next year’s budget for the implementation of small community based water storage projects, especially in rural areas severely impacted by drought.

The Prime Minister made the disclosure during his presentation in parliament yesterday (May 9) when he noted that the country is experiencing the driest period in recorded history, with several water sources adversely affected by the limited rainfall.

He said the government is aware of the issues, and is planning ahead, with the intention to make the funding available next year.

“This will include the [structures] that communities would put up to create a little embankment of water in a river, to rehabilitate tanks that are in communities that may have fallen to disrepair, to build catchment areas and to put in small pumping areas,” he outlined.

(Photo: REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

In order to ensure that the project is completed efficiently, Holness said that preliminary work for the project needs to start now because there are many steps that need to be completed before implementation.

“You have to select the project, you have to do the engineering, you have to do the procurement of the materials. By the time all of that is done, you’re in the next budget cycle ready for implementation,” he explained.

He added that a public investment assessment process has to be done to assess whether or not the areas selected for the structures are a good investment.


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