CAN | Nov 24, 2022

Jamaica-born artiste K-Anthony takes home ‘Gospel Song of the Year’ at 42nd Annual GMA Canada Covenant Awards

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Jamaica-born artiste K-Anthony took home the ‘Gospel Song of the Year’ award, for his song titled Free, last Saturday (November 19) during the 42nd annual GMA Canada Covenant Awards.

K-Anthony, who has dedicated most of his life to music, thanked God for gifting him with the talent he uses to sing the Lord’s praises and to share a message of hope and inspiration to all who hear his music.

K-Anthony said he saw receiving the award as fuel to keep on creating music that not only evolves around the song, but that he would continue to craft lyrics that are more profound and meaningful.

The artiste hopes that, by doing so, he can reach more people and provides a hopeful message.

K-Anthony spoke after receiving the award about how he sees the industry becoming more diverse.

“It is becoming more inclusive and representative of minority artistes,” he said.

K-Anthony committed to ensuring that his music continues to evolve and become more sophisticated as innovators of the genres continue to push the boundaries.

He said he was proud of the fact that he is known for his tone and ability to be able to be a multi genre singer. There have been many ups and downs over the years that he has been in the music industry, but he is proud of his achievements and proud that he has never given up.

K-Anthony is looking to continue his music career and attract more listeners to follow along his journey as he spreads hope through his music.


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