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PHOTOS | Jamaica Food and Drink Beer Fest off to good start

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Anyone can drink beer but it makes a world of difference when enjoyed with the ones you love. The Williamson family had a blast at the Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen Beer Fest. (L-R) Photographed are Christina Williamson, Michael Williamson, and Steven Williamson.(Photo: Contributed)

Day 1 of the Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen Beer Fest was a beer-lover’s dream.

The two-day celebration of some of Jamaica’s best locally brewed beers like Red Stripe, Guinness, Heineken, Dragon, Red Stripe Flavours, and other imported beers started last Thursday (June 15).

Patrons flocked to the venue to enjoy the after-work beer fest with many feasting on tantalizing and zesty hors d’oeuvres. 

In addition, there was juicy bbq chicken lollipops, cheesy lasagne rolls with chocolate tarts, and brownie bars for dessert, crafted by resident chef, Celeste Gordon alongside chef Damian Stewart, Broken Plate, Jangas Soundbar and so many others, who brought Barilla and Bertolli.

The evening saw exciting giveaways, great music, and vibes. Night two anticipates an epic turnout. 

Our Today brings you the highlights: 

Broken Plate chef Swayne Channer served up delicious barbecue chicken lollipops at the Red Stripe-sponsored party. (Photo: Contributed)
A Heineken 0.0 was the perfect choice for DJ Franco.(Photo: Contributed)
Jermaine ‘Scottycuss’ Watson experienced his happiest moments with the best pairing in hand at the Red Stripe-sponsored event. (Photo: Contributed)
Sometimes, the best conversations are over cool brews. Duane Phillips (left) and Channae Reynolds sharing forever moments at the Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen Beer Fest party. (Photo: Contributed)
The Red Stripe team of Sean Wallace, head of commerce, (left) and Angelica Holmes, trade marketing manager, checked in at the second night of the Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen’s Beer Fest. (Photo: Contributed)
For chef Simon Levy (left) , Thursday nights also mean grabbing a beer with the guys, Xavier Johnston (centre) and Dylan Benoit. (Photo: Contributed)


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