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USA | May 1, 2023

Jamaica Hi-5K run and walk to take five American cities this weekend

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Participants set their stopwatches at the starting line ahead of the 2021 staging of the Jamaica Hi-5K run and walk in South Florida in June 2021. (Photo: Facebook | Jamaica Hi-5 5K Run/Walk)

South Florida is joining key metropolitan areas of the United States in hosting its own Jamaica Hi-5K run and walk event, set for this Friday (May 6), with participants promoting good health.

The walk and run will kick off in five cities—Miramar, Orlando, Phoenix, Houston and Atlanta—simultaneously raising funds to support five clinics on the island. 

Jamaica Hi-5 coach, Daniel England, was in exceptional spirits as he prepped an enthusiastic group of South Floridians at Miramar Regional Park.

England told NBC6 that “the goal is to come out each week and be consistent with the workouts.”

According to him, “we do have butt kicks, we do have high knees, we have jumping jacks. You know the typical workouts, because we’re not athletes, we are just here trying to support a good cause.”

Two-fold objective for run and walk

Organisers say the effort is two-fold. Open work-outs leading up to aid as a tool to teach community members easy exercises they can do at home to promote health. It is also the largest fundraiser for Jamaica’s adopt-a-clinic initiative.

“We give back funds raised towards clinics in Jamaica,” declared Jamaican Counsel General to the Southern US, Oliver Mair.

Oliver Mair, Consul General of Jamaica to the Southern US, takes a photo with Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam during a walk-run event in Florida in June 2021. (Photo: Facebook | Jamaica Hi-5 5K Run/Walk)

The Jamaican counsel general added, “We’ve adopted five clinics in Jamaica and every week for the last four years we meet and exercise and come together as a Jamaican community in true one love style.”

Mair said the Jamaica Hi-5K run and walk will happen in six cities at the same time, all of which have large Jamaican populations, including Miramar. 

In concluding, Mair added, “we’re going to have a lot of reggae music. A lot of Jamaican food a lot of entertainment. It’s going to be a great day.”

The race is open to the public.


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