JAM | Oct 29, 2023

Jamaica introduces ‘Dancehall Week’ for February 2024

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Pre-pandemic file photo of scenes from a dancehall party in inner-city Kingston.

In recognition one of its most influential music genres, Jamaica is set to introduce an official ‘Dancehall Week’ in February 2024, orchestrating a grand symphony of culture, fashion, and music.

Beginning on Tuesday, February 13, and reaching its jubilant climax on February 19, Jamaica will immerse itself in a cascade of events, infused with the authentic spirit of dancehall. To honor and celebrate dancehall’s cultural richness, the introduction of Dancehall Week will align with Reggae Month. 

The fusion aims to bestow equal reverence upon both genres, ensuring that the rhythmic heartbeats of Jamaica’s musical legacy resonate with equal fervor. A collaboration blessed by the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, and the Ministry of Tourism, the week promises an array of activities that epitomize the vivacity and allure of dancehall culture.

Conceptualiser of the initiative is Roxelle ‘Glamm’ McKenzie, co-director of Dancehall Lifestyle. The celebrations will start off with a flourish of dancehall style with the inaugural event named ‘Fashion Roadblock’ which invites enthusiasts to don their most extravagant dancehall attire. 

Participants will find themselves amidst a dazzling display of fashion, sharing the vibrant energy that dancehall music perpetuates. Continuing the celebrations with a touch of romance on Ash Wednesday that will transforms into ‘Morning Bliss’

There will be an ‘Old School Graduation’ which will take the stage with a traditional uniform-style event, plunging participants into a realm of nostalgia and historical appreciation for the ever-evolving genre. Things will be cooled down on the Saturday with a street parade on Sunday with the dancehall sound clash.

Also prominent will be a moving canvas as part of a parade featuring striking costumes crafted by local designers, showcasing the rich talent embedded in Jamaica’s artistic community.


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