Jamaica | Mar 10, 2023

Jamaica records 84th road fatality for 2023

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Jamaica has recorded 84 road fatalities since the beginning of 2023, an increase from the 73 road fatalities that were recorded during the same period last year.

The number of road fatalities have increased by nine for the period.

The report comes from the Ministry of Transport’s daily crash update released yesterday (March 9).

According to the report, speeding was the number one cause of the road crashes in 2023.

Also listed as contributing factors to the fatalities are pedestrians standing or walking in the road, and drivers failing to keep to the proper lane. The majority of the deaths recorded, close to 55 per cent, were inclusive of pedestrians and motorcyclists.

The last weekend in February was one of the bloodiest recorded for the month.

According to Inspector Shaunjaye Mitchell, the digital and social media manager for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the last weekend in February saw 10 people dying due to road fatalities in 24 hours.

He added that in one of the incidents that saw five men being killed, none of the motorcyclists were wearing a helmet.

The JCF has since issued road safety tips that they are urging the public to follow. These include:

  • Staying alert while driving, observing the behaviour of both yourself and those around you.
  • Wear a seatbelt at all time.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop at yellow lights, remembering that they are not a sign to step on the gas to rush through an intersection.
  • Pay close attention and obey traffic signs and lights.
  • Stay within the recommended speed limit at all times.
  • Use turn signals before changing lanes.
  • Never drive under the influence.
  • Do not use a phone while operating a vehicle.


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