JM | Oct 27, 2020

Jamaica to roll out first ever traveler insurance product

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 By Durrant Pate

Tourists visiting Jamaica are eagerly awaiting next month’s roll out of the island’s first ever tourist insurance product, dubbed ‘Jamaica Cares’.

Jamaica Cares is a new traveler protection and emergency services programme which will provide visitors’ access to emergency medical and crisis response services for events up to and including natural disasters. It sets the gold standard for tourism by combining Global Rescue’s emergency services with domestic and international travel medical insurance.

Visitors will have the peace of mind to travel again knowing their health, wellbeing and finances are protected. Jamaica Cares is a public-private partnership coordinated and administered by the Global Tourism Resilience Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC), with support from the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council (GTTRC), Global Rescue, and leading international and national insurance companies. 

Participation is mandatory for all non-Jamaican passport holders. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism)

For less than US$50, Jamaica Cares provides visitors access to compulsory traveler protection and emergency medical services, including: 

– Case management, transport logistics, field rescue, evacuation and repatriation for medical emergencies, including COVID-19, and other crises up to and including natural disasters 

– International health coverage up to $100,000 for visitors traveling to and from Jamaica 

– On-island health coverage up to $50,000

The administrator of the tourism insurance product, the GTRCMC, says tourists will be provided with an information package and emergency contact details as they conclude their application for permission to travel to Jamaica. The fee will be included as part of the country’s ‘Travel Authorisation’ application on, triggering automatic participation in the “Jamaica Cares” programme.

Participation is mandatory for all non-Jamaican passport holders. Traveler attitudes consistently show a willingness to pay for increased safety protections during travel. An international traveler sentiment survey, conducted by PwC revealed safety is paramount in making travel decisions for which consumers are willing to pay.

A Global Rescue survey of more than 2,200 frequent travelers found more than 90 per cent of respondents agreed that they would feel safer if they -and all travelers – had services and protections for medical emergencies, including COVID-19, and door-to-door travel insurance. 

The GTTRC is the leading partner in the development of this Jamaican public-private partnership, and the GTRCMC will coordinate the programme. Evolving beyond current safety and health protocols, the GTTRC has consulted with the most experienced companies globally to create a product of the future that is practical and affordable for all travelers.


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