| Jun 15, 2023

Jamaican fathers of social media: Romain Virgo

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Romain Virgo

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Our Today has decided to highlight popular fathers on social media who embrace active parenting and have used their platform to break stereotypes about fathers while also advising new and even seasoned fathers on how to be more present.

Today, the focus will be on singer and family vlogger Romain Virgo.

Virgo is a Jamaican singer specializing in the lovers’ rock style of reggae music. He rose to fame after winning the 2007 Digital Rising Stars talent competition and has since released multiple songs that have captured the hearts of many locally and internationally.

His popular creations include Who Feels It Knows ItLove Doctor, and Good Woman.

To date, he has released three full-length studio albums. His self-titled set, Romain Virgo, was released in 2010. He released his second album, The Systemin 2012, and it was number six on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. His 2015 EP, Lifted, stalled at number seven on the chart.

When he is not on tour, sharing his music with supporters globally, the singer is at home, spending some much-needed quality time with his twin daughters, Emma Sapphire and Raina Nevaeh.

As a family vlogger, the artiste, and his wife Elizabeth, share their family’s day-to-day life and special moments through their YouTube channel, The Virgos.

Through this channel, supporters see a different side of the Jamaican singer as he takes on the role of a parent.

In multiple videos, a tired Virgo is often seen cuddling his twins, feeding them breakfast, or even having a mini-play session. But what is always a joy to see is the look on his family’s face when their father returns home after travelling the world.

The entertainer is also praised heavily by his wife for his active parenting. Elizabeth often shares that Virgo is an incredible partner and friend, and when he is unable to be around because of work, his absence is felt due to the huge role that he plays.

Virgo has also shared that he is a family man, and he believes that men should step up and help to take care of their families, not just as a provider, but also as a nurturer.

The singer has also expressed his views on fatherhood through his music. In his song HERO, released in 2020, the artiste shared that becoming a father was always a part of his dream. He noted that as a father of two, it is now his mission to give his children the opportunities he her never had. Virgo expressed it is also his belief that children should always feel a sense of security, both physically and emotionally.

Through this actions, Virgo has defied stereotypes imposed on Jamaican men and is an example that real men, who love and care for their families still exist.

Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day Romain Virgo!


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